100pxls, created by Chris P, is an impressive HTML5 canvas demo which can load and save 10 x 10 pixel images using Twitter.

Using the search input at the bottom of the app, 100pxls will search Twitter for that term and return the results as a wall of tiny 10 x 10 pixel images. The application also allows you to draw a tiny image and post it to Twitter – using common words to encode and decode the tweet.

A fascinating use of canvas and Twitter

100pxls is part of the Mix 10K competition, so Chris P adds that if you like his app don’t forget to vote for him!


Applications, Twitter
Chris P
Posted on:
January 21st, 2010
Posted by:
Andi Smith



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Works on

BETA Please let us know if you find 100pxls works in other browsers by leaving a comment below.


Paul Gallegos

This seems to work fine on Safari 4.0.4 OS X 10.4.11

Posted on February 26, 2010

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