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Gil Megidish has a bit of an obsession with Another World, the famous platform puzzle game from 1991 also known as Out of this World in North America.

Over the years, he’s ported the game to PSP, PS2, GBA and PC.. and now he’s ported it over to canvas!

Retro gaming goodness

Retro gaming goodness

There are a few graphical glitches within the game due to the nature of the port, but the version is playable with patience and a great example of what canvas can do!

For those of you who are stuck from the start, you’ll need to swing the cage to escape and find a gun to stand a chance of survival! If you’re looking for further guidance, there are many walkthroughs available. Start at Part 2.

Check out the Another World canvas game


Games, Platform
Gil Megidish
Posted on:
December 8th, 2009
Posted by:
Andi Smith



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Works on

BETA Please let us know if you find Another World JS works in other browsers by leaving a comment below.


Carlos Bacco

Works as expected on Opera 10.50

Posted on March 1, 2010


Confirmed on Opera 10.54

Posted on May 6, 2010

Gil Megidish

Yay, my port! :)

Posted on May 9, 2010


sweet (Chrome 5.0.375.55 beta, Xubuntu Karmic)

Posted on June 4, 2010

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