Browser Ball

Here’s a pretty amazing demo by Mark Mahoney called Browser Ball. The browser ball is a special ball that can magically change which window it’s on. By using a series of overlayed windows, you can have the ball bouncing all over your screen!

Browser Ball attempts, with only moderate success, to allow the configuration of a seemingly endless array of continuous spaces using multiple overlapping browser windows. Within this multivariate space, users are invited to toss a beach ball both hither and yon. If this sounds like a ridiculous use of everyone’s time, that’s only because it is.

Bounce between windows...

Bounce between windows...

Browser Ball works best in Chrome, but seems to work pretty well in Firefox 3 too!


Applications, Physics
Mark Mahoney
Posted on:
March 20th, 2009
Posted by:
Andi Smith



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Works on

BETA Please let us know if you find Browser Ball works in other browsers by leaving a comment below.



Holy crap!

Posted on March 20, 2009


Holy crap! 2000 called it wants it DHTML toy back.

Posted on March 26, 2009


Works in Safari Version 5.0.1 (6533.17.8)

Posted on September 17, 2010


Works in Safari 5.0.2 on Mac OSX 10.6.5

Posted on November 16, 2010

Daniel Ferguson

This is pretty awesome!

Works in Opera 11.00 on Windows 7

Posted on January 6, 2011

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