Getting Started with Three.js

Want to get started with Mr. doob’s 3D library Three.js? Paul Lewis has created this great tutorial which will help you do just that.

Let's get started!

In this tutorial, Paul covers the basics of three.js including setting a scene; making a mesh and adding materials and lights. If you want to get started with three.js, now’s your chance!


GLGE, by Paul Brunt, is a JavaScript library intended to ease the use of WebGL masking the involved nature of developing WebGL from the developer so that they can spend their time creating richer content for the web.

Create awesome WebGL demos with GLGE

GLGE’s main features include: keyframe animation; perpixel lighting directional lights, spot lights and point lights; normal mapping; skeletal animation; depth shadows; shader based picking; environment mapping; reflections and refractions.

Keep an eye on over the coming weeks for WebGL demos using GLGE.

Alex the Allegator 4

A long time ago, I used to run an independant games company called Natomic Studios and one of our fellow indie developer friends was Johan Peitz of Free Lunch Design who in 2003 created Alex the Allegator 4 for a four color retro games competition. It was a awesome little platform game and I was delighted to see it revived recently when Oliver submitted this wonderful HTML5 tribute version of Alex the Allegator 4 running on MelonJS.

Awesome retro platforming

Alex the Allegator 4 is a pure jump’n'run, just like the old classic platform games. Guide Alex through the jungle in order to save his girlfriend Lola from evil humans who want to make a bag of her.

Move left & right with the arrow keys, use X to jump and press left control to spit eggs (if you have some available).

The latest Chrome is recommended.

Magician – Fairy Rescue

Brunda has submitted this simple yet addictive shoot ‘em up called “Magician – Fairy Rescue”. Using the magic wand at the bottom of the screen, you must free the fairies from the bubbles so they can float upwards to safety but make sure they avoid the monsters on their way up.

Magician - Fairy Rescue

Move the mouse around the game area to aim the magic wand at your desired angle, then click the mouse to fire the magic spell. The magic spell will hit the fairy bubble and release them.


Like kitteh? Like CATcher! CATcher by Willian Carvalho is a simple game where you have to catch the falling kitties with a basket. You have 30 seconds to save as many as you can.

Catch the kittens!

Catch the cats!

Use the mouse cursor to move the basket. Every 100 points you score will give you 15 more seconds of playtime.

WebGL Maze

Xavier Bourry has created this 3D maze game in WebGL. The object of the game is to get through the maze – from the start to the end which are clearly marked as signposts in the sky above.

Find your way to the end!

Use the mouse to look around and move through the maze. There’s 7 levels to play.

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